Game Collection

My collection of video games

Playing video game is my interest and I also have a collection of games

Games that I collect will be either have solid well game design or it provide a relatively unique experience

Here are the games that I currently enjoy and collected

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

Developers: Koei Tecmo

This is an action game base on the Gundam series, and the verson that I got is a PS vita verson

Dynasty Warriors is one of my favoury franchise of games from Koei, and this game is a collaboration bewteen Koei and Bandai Namco

Also, It was quite excited that people can play a high spped action game on a handheld console

So, I think this game is quite nice to have


Zelda Breath of the Wild

Developer: Nintendo

This is a pretty famous game which released on Nintendo Switch

It is a valuable game for its gameplay and I think it is still one of the best game on the Switch

The game design is beautiful that Player can explore the whole open world base on their internal motivation

From the gameplay to level design aspect, this is the game that I would recommend for people who are never play game before


Panzer Dragoon Orta

Developer: Sega

This is an old game that I recently played on original xbox

It is a Rail shooter game which is rarely see on the modern game

It also share the same game design logic with many arcade games which easy to get start but hard to master

Because arcade games usually have a short playtime compare with console game

and Developer need to make the levle design more challenge to keep the game replayable

In my opinion, this game is challenge and fun, and you can get some idea of old shcool game design from this game

Panzer dragoon

Persona 4: Dancing All Night

Developer: Atlus

This is a rhythm game base on the Persona series which is one of my favouries game series in role-play game

It is a spin-off of the Persona 4 and Atlus the developer did a good job to rearrange the original game to a totoally new genre

The original game also have a high quality original sound track which made this game easily turns into a rhythm game


Ring Fit Adventure

Developer: Nintendo

A exercising action role-playing game which combine the idea of exercising and role-playing gameplay system together

This game is a good choice that provide players an extra exercising option during the pandemic which allows people follow the gameplay to do exercise at home

It actrually provide a fun and effective exercise experience

So, I think Ring Fit Adventure is a good game to have

Ringfit adventure

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Developers: Square Enix

I am a fan of Final Fantasy franchise, therefore the verson that I have for this game is a deluxe edition

This is a remake game of the original Final Fantasy VII

I had never play original Final Fantasy VII before,

but the first time that I play the Final Fantasy was a spin-off game of Final Fantasy VII

which is the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation Portable and I was attract by this game series

The Final Fantasy VII Remake have beautiful graphic design and a relatively challenge combat system

It is a satisfying game from my collection


Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes

Developer: Capcom

This game is a action game with large battlefields and many playable heroes

Also, ths game is setting at a backgroud of Sengoku a japanese history

Personally, I love games with history or sci-fi backgroud which can made the game more fun to play

Games with reliable setting can also made things more interesting,

My first history teacher was a video games that I played in chillhood

Sengoku Basara

Octopath Traveler

Developers: Square Enix

This game is a old style looking japanese role play game

It combined 2d character pixil art and 3d environment with a tactical and challenge combat system

The gameplay experience is like a pazzle game which player need to observe enemie's weekness and make different decisions to beat the enemie

Unique art design and intersting gameplay therefore this game is a good collection to have